The Soviet Soldier of WW2 - Ryo Philippe - Ed. Histoir e Collections

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    Title: The Soviet Soldier of WW2
    Author: Philippe Rio
    Publisher: Histoire and Collections
    ISBN: 978-2-35250-100-8

    This new book from Histoire and Collections makes a great companion to the 2 similar books on the French army that the publisher did not long ago. This time a single volume covering the uniforms, badges, weapons and equipment of the Soviet soldier during WW2 and in this instance with an all English text. What makes it so interesting to me is not only all the detail, but that the photo illustrations are mostly made up of new pictures showing the genuine items. The second half of the book has re-enactors wearing the uniforms and equipment, so you see the combination together and get a good idea of how the equipment sits when someone is wearing it.

    The introduction goes through the background to the Soviet Army of the time, the influence of the Communist Party, pre-military training for some. It quotes a figure that in 1942, 42% of soldiers mobilised had less than 10 days training! It talks about Officers, Women in the Red Army as well as Political Commisars, and covers topics such as as Rest and Leave, Army Fare and even Burials. Then more detail starts with Decorations, including various campaign medals, and uses illustations not only of the medals themselves, but also the certificates that accompanied them, with genuine examples being used throughout. Next come documents like Identity Cards, Identity discs, Pay books and more. The High Command gets a brief explantion then all the various arms such as Infantry, Ski Troops, Cavalry, Parachutists, Artillery and of course Tanks, Signals, Engineers and so on.

    Badges and insignia has specialist badges and collar insignia, along with the arm-of-service colours used on field caps, rank insignia, collar tabs and of course the distinctive shoulder boards. I have to say that was quite enlightening as I didn't know they had used so many. Then on to Steel Helmets, the 'Pilotka' side cap, peaked caps and the different winter caps. All are extensively illustrated with photos of examples.

    Then on to the uniforms themselves, with basic soldiers uniform jacket and trousers, along with the officers versions, and how all these changed during the war. Buttons, trousers, gloves, boots and coats, along with specialised clothing such as the leather tank crew garb. Then on to equipment, such as packs, belts, canteens, mess tins, ammunition pouches, wire cutters, gas masks, map cases and so much more before coverage of the different small arms, with rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guins, pistols and so on.

    The second half of the book is divided into the different years of the war, and each section shows someone wearing a complete and approriate uniform and equipment for a particular time and/or place. These even include some very intersting camouflage uniforms which would be great to see represented on model figures.

    If you have an interest in the uniforms and equipment of the Soviet Soldier in WW2, then I think I'm safe to say this should be on your bookshelf. For collectors or for modellers wwho want a first class reference to work from, then this will help no end.


    Esse livro é "versão soviética" do DEUTSCHE SOLDATEN do Augustin Sainz.

    Livro fastasticamente ilustrado onde se pode apredender muito mais que em qualquer outro livro da Osprey.

    Em algumas seções como a das insignias de posto a distribuição, diagramação e ilustrações poderiam ter sido feito de uma forma mais didática e em mais páginas com um pouco mais de texto escrito para uma assimilação mais fácil.

    Encontrei algus items fotografados como sendo WWII o que tenho minhas dúvidas se realmente não são items exclusivamente fabicados no pós-guerra.

    Mas o livro é fantástico e não pode faltar na biblioteca de quem estuda o assunto.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 5/5